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                                                       April 10th, 2001
        North East texas Panhandle: South of Pampa to West of Childress, TX
   One has to be northwest of the sub-tropical jet plume!
   Location: South of Pampa, TX somewhere
A dry downburst fell from the sub-tropical jet that was plaguing the NE Texas Panhandle. This causes winds here, south of Pampa, to go southwesterly at 20 knots. One of the many dust plumes can be seen in the this picture and in the time lapse below.

This air mixed out the low level moisture and caused a line of cells to go from Shamrock to Lubbock. The air here didn't recover until nearly an hour before sunset, and would have been an excellent timelapse, as one could have seen the low cumulus go from dry looking and aimlessly drifting northeast, to then start ripping back northwest as the 850 mb jet recovered. But alas, I didn't have the foresight to think of this. I played the southern cells uneventfully, and cells fired in original target area north of Amarillo after sunset.

Never trust a bifurcating plume of moist adiabatic air kicked off some Baja Mexico island! :-)

   Timelapse of above dust devils.
   Time: 30X : Hence this dust devil is weak!!
   Location: South of Pampa, TX somewhere
Large - 494k - (2.7 minutes @ 56kb)
Small - 258k - (1.4 minutes @ 56kb)

   Dry and capped cumulus.
   Location: South of Pampa, TX somewhere
This picture, and timeplase below, was shot as the low level jet started to recover. The cumulus seen were quite dry and seemed to have shear vortices left hanging over them. This attempt to catch one of these shear eddies doesn't do them justice. Looking northwest, note the lower cu streaming back northwest, under the cu.
   Timelapse of above cumulus with leftover shear vortex.
   Time: 30X : 
   Location: South of Pampa, TX somewhere
Large - 577k - (3.2 minutes @ 56kb)
Small - 302k - (1.7 minutes @ 56kb)