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                                                        May 6th, 2001
                     Lake Lewisville in north Dallas to Richardson, TX
   "Right Turn Clyde!"
   Time: from TC
   Location: North of DFW Airport on Tx-121

Would have LOVED to be in that jumbo landing! The pilot made a high 45 degree plus bank to drop into the glide slope of the DFW west runway on an approach from the north. Bet their "shear indicator" was going bonkers. Or should have been...

 Timelapse of baby thunderstorm, cranking like mad in the shear.
   Time: 30X : 
Large - 781k - (4.3 minutes @ 56kb)
Small - 408k - (2.3 minutes @ 56kb)
The plane can be seen VERY briefly coming in from left.

   Hey! That's getting close to HOME!
   Time: from TC

After spotting the cells with Sam Bricklow, whom I met by accident watching the Lake Lewisville cells, I took well known side streets down through north Dallas, then west Plano, then northwest Richardson! This was shot from Home Depot's parking lot looking northwest.
There was an apartment complex at Preston and Frankfurt that was being built and was heavily damaged, supposedly by straight-line winds. This would be 1.4 miles in the direction of the picture above, and timelapse below!  :-?

 Timelapse of building circulation from Coit and Campbell in Richardson. Is that anti-cyclonic shear in there! :-)
   Time: 83X : 83x becuase that is the interval of my wipers! :-) So this is a VERY
                        high compression. A 100 mph wind should look as though it's a 8,300 mph
Large - 641k - (3.6 minutes @ 56kb)
Small - 335k - (1.9 minutes @ 56kb)