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                                                       May 29th, 2001
                                         Tejas Panhandle Circus Day!
   "Look out Daddy! You'll hit the Circus Bears!"
   Location: TX86 overpass of US87!  What a STUPID place to park!!!

As I approached the overpass of US87 on TX86, I thought it was a wreck!!! I motioned for NSSL crews behind me to slow down with rapid pulses of the break. Turns out it was the worst spot I've seen ANYONE pick for a chase party! What the hell!? Some pathology of "See me! I'm a Tornado Chaser!!"  ??

But any vehicle going eastbound had to cross the center line of two-lane hiway to get around these stupid Yahoos standing on the road! I crested the top of the overpass and to my horror, no cars at all! A Volunteer Firetruck was the West side, but no one on east side. Any westbound vehicle, like a school bus, that comes over the top of the crest would be greeted to THAT!

Come on people! Use your head. This was farm country! There is 20 feet of pavement off ALL the paved hiways onto secondary roads! That means a "safe stop point" every mile!!! And you picked THAT spot!?? Stupidity. Ego? Death wish? Why?

Puny cells had not yet formed a good lowering off ambient base. One brief LP spin and then an un-structured RFD's! At this point, one could have parked ANYWHERE in a 10 mile radius of that intersection! Approximatly 4 paved roads in area, with 10 places to stop per road in a 10 miles, so 40 places to stop, and probably double that including the "half-mile farm turn off"... So what lame brain thought, "Oh, they elevated the road right here JUST for us!"

Again, at the time of this stupidity, the cells had not produced a good lowering of ambient base. No towns where in danger. No rabbits even! So I whip a U-turn after seeing the very potential danger, pull up along side one 20 year old "Tornado Chaser" and say, "Hey! You guys should have a car on the east side to warn on-coming traffic! I mean which is worse? This lame ass storm, or you all!?" Well, the poor kid probably drove 500 miles on some tour or such -I actually think with he was with a (cough) university- and NO ONE calls 'his' storm, "lame ass"! So this 'Tornado Chaser', this Storm Spotter, this guru of bifurcation, this future of chasing? says,

    "Well I hope it's your town that has all the fun today!"

What pathology says that you can endanger the public, becuase you are "saving" them from the dreaded F5? I don't think this kid knew I am who I am! :-) Red Saturn L2, NO antenna... Any time this kid sees me out in the field and wants to introduce himself as "the Overpass Jerk", fell free!

   "You want to kiss me now, don't you?" 
   Time: Start 6:04 to 6:19 CDT
   Location: 8 mi N of Tulia, TX looking NNW. (Road goes N)

Because of above Circus and stupid people, I opted to re-cell North! Yea! Laid up just North of southern cell, and hordes, to do timelapse of soon-to-be-pounced-on cell! I love a flanking manuver in the evening! ;-)

This screen capture of the time lapse shot from 6:04 to 6:19 of the cell SW of AMA, that then swept along I-40.  I left after this TL, and made a nicely  timed intercept at Claude, TX. 

Oh ya, the title comes from a West Wing show, and just figured all folks on the I-40 cell earlier, will appreciate this TL, at least to the point of sending money? :-)  Hmmmmm.   "ShareView"........   ;-)\      Timelapse below!

 Timelapse of I-40 Supercell from 30-35 miles south of it!
  Complete w/ time stamp! :-)
   Time: 90X : That's fast! 1 frame captured per 3 seconds!
   Location: 8 mi N of Tulia, TX looking 350 degrees, or NNW. 
Large -1410k - (7.8 minutes @ 56kb)
Small -631k - (3.5 minutes @ 56kb)

   "I catch it with staight TX207 intercept timed perfectly!"   ;-)
   Screen capture looking NW off of Timelapse TL1 below!
   Nice Bell Shaped cell, huh?
   Time: 7:05 to 7:10 CDT
   Location: 1 mi (maybe 3)  S of Claude, TX. Looking NW.

It wasn't too hard to tear myself away from the timelapse from 30 mi S, as it looked like a good bomb. A straight shot up TX207 I intercepted S of Claude, TX. 

In this Bell, as in others, it appears to me that there are two primary convective areas being fed by 2-3 sources. 

The primary being the inflow band leading into the right, or NE side of the Bell, this being
the meso-warm front. A long inflow tail leads along the core, seemingly acting as a dam for the Boundry Layer air coming in from the south. This air often has a very low LCL height, or Lifted Condensation Level, the height at which condensation will occur in air that is lifted. This leads to low inflow bands, often being quite laminar in bell shaped updrafts. 

The secondary , which I think provides a lot of helicity, due to the entraining of the mid-level air curling over the short and angled flank. This bell had some cumulo-form tops, where as 'pure' bell shaped storms have laminar flow. Perhaps a clue as to why the rarely produce a tornado, depsite the fact of being a rotating updraft that is often extremely stead-state of periods of hours. Presumably, it has to do with the 'lack' of an RFD, but more accurately, the lack of an RFD that occludes the updraft.

And note the mid-level alto-cumulus band feeding in from the SSW.

 Timelapse of Bell above is at bottom, all in one group! Must see for Cumulonimbologists!

  "Angles of Repose"
   Location: 1 mi (maybe 3)  S of Claude, TX. Looking NNW.

The "Angle of Repose" means the angle that a body will naturally assume. The LARGE pile of dirt in the foreground is exhibiting about the same angle as the updraft! :-)

After a brief one minute zoom in to check a dust whirl, it was non-tornadic, but certainly circulation/RFD induced, I zoom back out for another 9 min of timelapse!

Note that this cell was being leaned, stretched, quite badly by wind shear. Often supercells have a fair amount of lean, but this thing was 45 degrees and more! To much shear for CAPE? And if southern cell, now at Silverton, had not fired, or had deviated more quickly to the right, then the surface dew point temperature would have been encreased?

   Time: 90X : That's fast! 1 frame captured per 3 seconds!
BOTH Bells #1 and #2, together!
Large -1200k - ( minutes @ 56kb)
Small -523k - ( minutes @ 56kb)
Or get individual clips if you fall in love with one!
Bell #1 Large -494k - ( minutes @ 56kb)
Bell #2 Large -717k - ( minutes @ 56kb)