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                                                          May 31st, 2001
                                              East of Lamar, CO
   "My cigarette went out!"
   Time: 1 hr before sunset
   Location: E of Lamar, CO

The title means that 20 seconds after I'd light a cig, it would GO OUT! Lack of air! Amazing at 5,000 feet. This cell was almost Supercellular. Only thing lacking is rotation, as the timelapse below shows. In the timelapse, note the "smoke ring" effect, and also note the shear of the cu around BOTH sides of the updraft. Also that there is no back-shearing of the anvil,  and the minor point of no lowering of ambient base! ;-)  But it was a beautiful plume.

That's Pelius forming and a jet contrail will sweep away.

 Timelapse of Convective Plume! Must see for Cumulonimbologists!
   Time: 90X : That's fast! 1 frame captured per 3 seconds!
Large -548k - (3.3 minutes @ 56kb)
Small -239k - (1.5 minutes @ 56kb)