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                                          November 19th, 2001
                                    A nice sunset to finish the year.

                               Do terrorists not see the beauty of Allah's
                                     paintings as the Sun sets?   :-(

   "Fall of 2001 Sunset"
   Time: In the evening...
   Location: Up northeast of Frisco, TX

Just needed to get out of the house and quit worrying about Homeland Defense. Which I heard has a staff of 100 by now. Whereas this National Obligation I thought was the Duty of the Department of Defense. Which, I'm presuming, has more than 100 on it's staff.


 Timelapse of "Fall of 2001 Sunset"
   Time:  Guess.
   TL Compression: 455X : That's blazing! Almost 55 minutes of realtime, into 8 seconds!
   Location: Frisco, Celina, TX...  Up there where a lot of Cessnas fly around...
Large -k - ( minutes @ 56kb)
Small -k - ( minutes @ 56kb)