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                                                      May 24th, 2002
   A Tornado is behind the trees!
  This is my framing for the TL below. I was giving timelapse instuction
  to a client, and her TL with her XL1 is presented below.
  I thought it was an amazing cell at the time, and comment to her that it
  could well produce a tornado. I didn't nonoticed the lowering of base
  past the tree clump, above the word 'west', but didn't know at the
  time it had produced a tornado. Dr Persoff's footage can be seen on
  his site at:
  Note the absence of 'noise' in the XL1's frame capture, as apposed
  to my GL1 above.

   Client's XL1 Video Capture
  Note the absence of noise. This is a nice camcorder.