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April 21st, 2004

Nimbus Lobe Lights!!!
   Time: 7:10 PM CDT
   Location: 1.2 mi E of Asher, OK
   The most strange and amazing thing I've ever seen! Must-see-internets!
   These unkown lights in a strong thunderstorm, but not severe, in central
   Oklahoma. Most likely a form of lightning, perhaps a form of ball lightning,
   or a Jacob's Ladder efffect. I'm going with ball lightning...

New, high resolution 3mB/sec WMV Versions!
Part A-C:
      Each of A-C are 30 sec long, and show the lights, but not well. No one notices the weird lights.
          To be done...

Part D:
      I turn to see the storm wink at me, above the 'b' in Nimbus, and go ape.
      Worried the battery had run out, I run up to the camera to find 'REC'! Yea!
          WMV Movie Part D! 12 megs

Part E:
      Still freaked, it blinks another good one above the 'm' in Nimbus, and then I zoom in.
          WMV Movie Part E! 6 megs

Part F:
      Must-see-internets! Zoomed in you can see one go 'Pop'!
          WMV Movie Part F!!! 14megs (weird stuff!)

   I had just met a young OU student and the two women with him, by
   happen-chance, just east of Asher, OK about 7:00 CDT. I was
   running a TL and complaining to them I'd forgotten to re-charge
   my second camcorder battery and didn't know how long it would run.
   While shooting the breeze about chase, I glanced at the storm to our,
   over my back to the SSE, perhaps becuase the OU kid said something
   like, "What's that?". Whatever the impetus to look, I could have
   sworn the side of the updraft winked at me! Well thinking my mind
   had left the Boundary Layer, I asked the OU kid, "Did you see THAT!?",
   hoping to God his answer was going to be 'yes'. And it was 'yes'!
   Yea! Sorta still sane!
   Well we all four of us start freaking out as we watch these 'lights'
   on the side of the nimbus updraft to our SSE! Just a total jaw dropping,
   'Am I dreaming', amazing experience. Here's this ordinary run-of-the-
   mill cell, with kinda junky updrafts, but still some good low level CAPE,
   and it has these lights blinking on it! One would stay on 2-10 sec, even
   15, and then it would just blink out, or shift over rapidly, or a new one in
   a different area would take over! I had never seen anything like this,
   and worse, I had never heard of anything like this.
   After the 3 seconds of "Wow! What is that!", I immediately run headlong
   for the Canon. It's doing a TL on that same cell!!! Remember the battery?
   I throw the Dr Pepper and it's cozy into the air as I go, so as not to get
   in the way. I sneak up on the cam, holding my breath... There... REC..
   So now the lights are still shifting and in case the TL was too wide,
   and so not catching them, I zoom in... The above frame capture is from
   the TL which will be on a highlights tape, but the MPG compression strips
   lights out, so I only present the realtime clips above for you wonderment.