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September 13th, 2005

Some Sparky Storm in a Happy Year

I realized that the series of 120 shots I found match that of the timelapse at bottom of this page...

Don't they seem happy?

This is a zoom in on the moon off the Raw scan of the above. You can even see the man in the moon.

Last few years of Global Warming, I've been seen a brilliant violet color on storms lit by the setting sun. I figure this is just pre-asteroid dust.

Location: No idea really... Sometime back in the joyous year of 2005.

Click on this video capture above for the MPEG timelapse.

1.7 meg - Timelapse of some sparky storm somewhere.
Right-click "save as" on the picture. I hate to say it. Window's Media Player beat EO Video and Quicktimes Firefox plug-in on these spark timelapse. EO Video and QT skip frames, and therefore sparks...