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June 16th, 2006 :(

Junque in W OK

I shot about 5-8 shots of this, being too slow for the stroke or it being off frame. Then I got luck on this one. First is near full-frame and then the vertical crop.
I only despotted and colors are close to what the film shows.

This one tried to hide behind the tree.
This was shot at the same time of the video for the timelapse below.

No idea what day this was. I think May of this sad year or early June.

Location: 15 mi N of Erick, OK looking NW.

1.9 meg - Timelapse of Spark caused Fire and me searching for a Fulgerite
Right-click "save as" on either picture above as both link to the timelapse of the Erick, OK volunteer Fire Dept dousing a spark started prairie fire. And see me go looking around the strike point for a Fulgerite and not finding anything. I wish I coulda looked longer with a shovel up on the NW side of this burn, as that's where the strike point was. First a W wind, and then a N wind spread the fire in the large oval seen.

Location: 15 mi N of Erick, OK looking NW.

1.5 meg - Timelapse of ApproachingSquall
Right-click "save as" on the picture above and see the sparky (lightning) squall line roll in. I am hoping to write a program that takes frames out of an MOV file and de-interlaces the sparky ones...

Location: 15 mi N of Erick, OK looking NW.

343k! Small! - REALTIME footage of a nasty series of strikes
Right-click "save as" on the picture above for the realtime footage of the squall above. There's 5 or 6 strikes on 3 channels, and a double strike staccato.