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The following are days I was out persuing our old adversary, the severe thunderstorm, or just for practice on a sunset or summer shower.

Seperated by year, each day's link is on the left and is the date, such as "March 23rd". Those links on the left will take you to that day's page.

A "T!" indicates video of a tornado on that link, but don't miss the artsy sunsets too. After all, Samuri did origami to balance the lopping off of heads!  ;-)

If the date is not linked, then no documentation was gathered, as the day was probably a bust, or I'm saving the video for tape. :-)

Most ALL the pictures on these Days pages are just video captures, and are there merely to represent the cool timelapse clip. Don't just stop at the video capture picture... Grab the MPG, which are clips of: Severe Thunderstorms, clouds, and a dab of sunsets. Most of them done in Timelapse, or TL on this page, although there is a smidge of realtime footage if you hunt. Timelapse is the opposite of "slow motion". Rather than slow down time and therefore motion, timelapse speeds time up, and so could well be called "Fast Motion", or Fastmo. Although since I just came up with 'Fastmo', don't go Googling for it.

Most ALL my movies on my Days pages are in MPEG format. If you intend to view one of them more than once, I'd right click on link and "save image as..", and put on your hard-drive somewhere. Otherwise, you can just click on the link and WinDoze should load it up. None of the timelapse have sound...

There's often a 'Large' and 'Small' version of of the same clip. Try the 'Large' if you have a good 45+ kb/second dialup connection, or the 'Small' if you have squirrel eaten phone lines. Broadband folks shouldn't have any problems.

If you can't view MPG movies, email me with your operating system and your preference, and if there's enough demand, I'll put up some MOV, AVI or XYZ...

* * * 2009 * * *
Feb 10th A couple of storm timelapses filled with lightning. The one called LoneGrove is I think the Lone Grove, OK tornadic storm shot from the NW when at Waurika.

* * * 2008 * * *
March 2nd Nice cell by Anadarko, OK. Couple of timelapses here, and then a March 3rd realtime clip of me having fun doing a Sling Blade and dirt-driving near Dutton, OK.
May 1st MAY DAY! A nasty small supercell kicks off about 10 W of Norman and heads NE. I catch it north of norman and shoot a couple timelapses of it cycling. Val reported a tornado, small, near or on Tinker AFB. I get some nice spark pictures after dark.

* * * 2007 * * *
March 28th An impressive tornado in the Texas Panhandle through Palo Duro Canyon.
May 5th The day after the Greensburg Tornado, I catch a large, possible wedge tornado, after dark moving towards Trousdale, KS.
October 14th Nice cell by Altus, OK. I think my image stabilization was on, or I didn't get the quickmount latched down well, cause there are some vertical spacial discontinuities in the timelapse.

* * * 2006 :( * * *
:( 2006 has been a year of sadness and pain. The love of my life left me without warning and crushed my heart and stole my soul.

June 16th A spark hits about 1/3rd a mile to my west and started a prairie fire. A timelapse here of the Erick, OK fire dept putting it out and me looking for the fulgerite.
A nice spark picture here too.
July 4th
A timelapse, what else, of the Norman Day fireworks. And by the way. What the hell is "Norman Day" and who would be so stupid as to make it on ummmm Independence Day???
November 24 Nice sunset on this Thanksgiving's day.

* * * 2005 * * *
Sept 13th A nice sunlit storm. Some nice film scans and a timelapse.

* * * 2004 * * *
April 6 A near miss for North Fort Worth.
April 9 A nice updraft in OK shows a nice shear curl.
April 21 Rasmussen Lights! Must See Web! This is what I'm going to name the phenom, as I discovered it! What are they? My guess is a type of or maybe actually ball lightning, or maybe a freakish form of St. Elmo's Fire. Skeptics have said just reflection of sun from charge alligned ice crystals. But seems to me that some are behind a cloud, shaded by at least the dark puff of Cu, but also perhaps the lobes of the updraft itself.

Anyone knowing the OU Student who drives an old sorta white car with a couple extra racing gauges on that dash, PLEASE email me here! :) Would LOVE to see what video he got!
June 10 Rasmussen Lights! AGAIN! Must See Web! I didn't even know I had caught another occurance of Rasmussen Lights, formerly known as 'Nimbus Lobe Lights'. I was doing thumbnail 60X timelapses of all my 350 miniDVD tapes and low and behold, "Hay! Those are Nimbus Lobe Lights!", and so I'm going to call the phenomena 'Rasmussen Lights'. This one occurs on a puny lobe of a prior-not sparking nimbus cloud. I was just going for cool sunset colors and actually took the camera away from this view shortly after the lights ended. As the clouds to the south were prettier. The Rasmussen Lights can be seen halfway down from the 's' in Rasmussen in the title, to the bottom of the frame. A small 'glow' that wanders slowly down, stops, and then 'blinks'. Then gone... ?!?!?!?!?

* * * 2003 * * *
there where no good storms in 2003.

* * * 2002 * * *
May 5
Birth of the "tornado before the Happy, TX Tornado" on Timelapse. And another of the Happy Tornado going into Happy, TX.
May 7
And again, with a more impressive Timelapse of the birth of the Kingsdown, KS Tornado!
May 8 And I'm sooo glad that I didn't get "3 for 3", as I did a TL of a young updraft west of Witchita, KS. But luckily it got undercut, as my folks house is, and still is, about 10 miles to its ENE! And the reports of "Dangerous Clouds" and hysteria produced by the local TV and radio stations was sad. I even took some video of some folks climbing up to their lawn chairs on the roof of their garage! In the lightning! And sooo many folks just standing outside pointing at harmless arcus. Nothing like Crying Wolf for ratings is there Wichita Media!!! :-( You shameless idiots!
May 24
"And to break the TL streak, the death of an LP caused by core wrap W of Vernon, TX." That's what I wrote before I saw Dr. Jason Persoff's footage shot a few miles to our north! There WAS a tornado behind the trees on our timelapses. The NWS has cut these trees down. (Kidding!)

So that makes (brag, brag) three TL's of tornadogenesis this year. It was a really 'good' year. ;-)

June 12 I left Richardson about 8:30. Hit Seiling, OK at 2PM, but the library's computer couldn't get connected. So up to Woodward and their fine library. I left the Woodward Libaray about 4, and it looked as if I was in the right area. I went north to US64 and then set up at US64 and OK34 N. A turkey tower fired and glaciated about 10 miles to my west. That was it. Had I known 1) it was going to fire there, and 2) that it would live, I would have gotten a timelapse of that. As it is, this page has a few timelapses of the shear area in the updraft attempting to form a wall cloud. Very electrically active, these have a lot of sparks (lightning) in them.
June 26 I burned 6 hours of tapes on weak cumulonimbi. And almost got fried for the effort. But then again, what's "almost". :-) A couple artsy timelapses of sloooow growth storms, and one fluke cell that had some supercell characteristics. It moved west and the updraft was on the N-NW side of the core. It's warm sector was supplied from air north of the upraft. And I was somewhat in an psuedo-RFD on the NW side. But it produce a nice shelf cloud that attempted to block up.

* * * 2001 * * *
March 23 Nothing interesting.
April 6 Nothing interesting.
April 10 North of Pampa, a dry downburst from the sub-tropical jet cut off moisture from triple point near Dalhart. Timelapse of dust devil. Whoopie!
April 14 Nothing interesting.
April 20 Slept in Shady Lane motel in CNK, with NO phone in room. Went up into SC NE, then down to Downs, KS, and SE to Salina, KS.
April 21 Staged out of ICT. Checked cells SE of Salina, KS, then recovered 90 miles west on Ks-4 to Great Bend. No cellular data in KS, thanks to Cellular One, and missed the F4 on Hoisington, KS by 10 minutes. 
April 22 No eye candy. Squall line in central OK, that had periodic RFD wraps.

Video of wraps along I-35. One at Norman/Noble and one at Purcell if anyone interested, email me.

May 2 One of those, "No chance of a tornado." days where you have to go out to fight off SDS. Did a Vernon, Altus, Childress route to get pretty wall clouds over Childress, TX. First wall cloud formed from a lowering which formed of a mid-level base. Good eye candy here.
May 3 Caught about 10 rain wrapped wall clouds. Was "Cyclic HP" day from intercepting "Golf 4" near Morton, TX to Littlefield, TX. Lot of good eye candy here.
May 6 Rain, yes rain, took out my Southwest Bell phone lines, so with little data, I ended up re-grouping to the cells that went up on the edge of the dead Brownwood LP cell. The Lake Lewisville cells eventually moved REAL close to my house!
May 19& Wandered out towards Wichita Falls, but cold outflow drove me back home.
May 20 Didn't chase, but here's a WeatherTap sat pic of SE OK. Complete with V on one cell, and a frowny face on another.
May 29 Circus of Hordes Day! :-(
 NEW            Was on the cell 45 mi south of Amarillo for a short while. Long enough to see the most dangerous Chaser Horde Convergence I've ever, and hope to ever,  see!  So re-grouped to the cell that swept SW of Amarillo and then over Claude, TX. Timelapse of this from a distance of 30 miles, and then up close for a couple timelapses of the bell shaped cell intercepted. :-) Oh, and by and large, the 'chasers' on the northern cell where QUITE a lot smarter, as evident by them choosing SAFE locations to stop. Except for the two Yahoos in a pickup truck pulling something! They would stop on I-40 on  the top of the overpasses! Oh, to be a cop!!!
May 31 Just on my way out to Boulder!  ;-) And almost caught a beast! Tornadic storm from Burlington, CO. I caught the cell SE of Burlington, just in time to see a VERY strange barrel shaped cell that had a STRANGE bubbling wall thing. Close as I can describe. ;-)

Also see a video capture of a cell with two anvils streaming off it. Only weird thing is the two anvils are seperated by an angle 90 degrees!!! ???!

And lastly, a reall nice timelapse of a non-supercell plume! A must see for all Cumulonimbologists. See shear around BOTH side of a single updraft, just like in your Fluid Dynamics class! :-)

June 5 I just HAD to get OUT of Boulder, and back to a SANE altitude! Being at 5000 feet is bad for you! That's why they're all health nuts and marathon runners! One HAS to be in order just to get a normal amount of oxygen! So on the way back, leaving Boulder late, my GPS tells me I'm 2 hours from Woodward, OK and the storm. Since it was 2 hours to sunset, and a "drive  right up to it" is rare, I go another 30-45 min closer, and start the time lapse! So if you where on this cell, just send $10 or $20 to me for the thought! :-) Seriously!
June 14 According to the ETA model run that previous night and morning, Wichita Falls was to have ESE winds at 00Z.

Well at 18Z the squall line started bifurcating it's way up and down the  boundry. But great timelapse and spark weather! :-)

June 21 I refuse to admit it's summer! A short jaunt up north of town for a weak cell.
July 1 More summer cells! But these made for some real cool time lapse. Including a commercial jet liner skirting a plume! :-)
July 2 I thought it would be a repeat of the 1st. Same area, but the cells just wouldn't fire.
Got a long timelapse of congesting and towering cumulus though.
August 6 Another non-severe day. Duh, it's summer! But got a couple nice timelapse.
October 9
Tornadoes in Oklahoma in October! Hobart, OK gets hit too hard, but the MPGs here are of two significant tornadoes near Foss Lake, up north of Elk City, OK.
Nov. 19        Had to get out of the house, so went 15 miles north and shot the sunset.
                     Boy, is there a theory that ionization trails from the Leonids can boost the
                     colors in the sunset?    Probably last TL posts till spring...  :-( 

* * * 1999 * * *
May 3rd
From a timelapse of a dry quasi-turkey tower just N of the Red River
off the HE Bailey, to getting the 'start' of the Chickasha Tornado, and
then the Anadarko Tornado, this was one busy day.

* * * 1985 * * *
Unkown See the world's bravest farmer, cutting his wheat while the Storm from Heck approaches! (Sorry, to be done...)

* * * 1981 * * *
May 17
As soon as I get NSSL approval, or maybe without it, I'll put a clip or two from
"Sound Chase" up! I was the driver for "Sound Chases", a joint project of NSSL
and the Univ of Louisiana. A Chevy van loaded with electronics to study the spherics of
lightning in tornadic cells. And also to deploy a tape recorder to get the
sound of a tornado, in order to derive wind speeds from it, and hence the name
"Sound Chase".